Dec 29, 2011


dah seminggu lewat ni, aishh, risau ! and pelik nape tak datang2 lagi ni? tanda2 pun takde, tak rasa pun, aiyoyaii!

another 2 days is newyear2012!!! oh w0w

cant believe this. its mean dat already a year i've studied here, at UiTM Shah Alam as a degree student anddd cant accept that another 2 months i'll be 21!! err :(

and the n after graduated, work work work ! i wanna be a successful career woman and an ohsem wifey to my hubby, also a supermom to my kids :))

wishlist for 2012??

wanna be heartless and move forward without care who hates me, focus on study and get DL continuously for every sem, be tougher than now, be slimmer than now *hikhikhik*, be wiser and always happy go lucky ! 

p/s : please take note people

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