Jul 12, 2011

my bff :))

they are my bestfriends a.k.a my boyfriends forever, always with me 24/7. hebat tak ? korang ada melekat macam ni dengan bestfriend korang ? hahaha. i can touch them, kiss and hug them *when they were kids*,  i can sleep with them, see they eat, drink, know everything bout they, their friends,  their girlfriends, and in future, i can see they get married, because they are my nephews ! hehehe

i already have my own bestfriend. for me, bestfriend is only ONE. but actually my nephews are my real bestfriends because they are my flesh blood. i trust my own family rather than outsider. they can be our good friends, and also our bad enemies. but our family will always with us.. eventho we used to quarrel with each other, and didn't talk for a long time, but in future, anything happen to us, they will help us and easily forget every bad things. family is the best gift ever in every one's life.

make your eyes glow by seeing their pictures. thank you :)

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