Apr 23, 2011

no woman no cry

menangis boleh puaskan hati yang dihurung kesedihan. menangis sebab pakwe ? menangis sebab stress belajar? menangis sebab kena marah ? menangis sebab takut dah nak exam ? menangis sebab berpisah ? whatever the reason is, you have to be STRONG. if you wanna cry and if you think by letting out your tears like water flowing in the river can make yourself feel comfort, then, go cry beybeh ! :DD

whwn you are crying, believe that sooner or later, u will never cry like u lost your virgin ! because mr sunshine will appear in your life. believe me ! :) i've experiences in this , hee~ and yes, mr. sunshine is here shineee with me now !!! :)

crying is just part of my life, got it ? GOOD ! iloveyou babyboo~

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